A new, innovative way of marketing, bluemagiq is a full solution for Bluetooth marketing and advertising. It is capable to send short messages, images, short videos and applications to smartphones, mobile phones, and tablets over a distance of 300m without any additional costs. bluemagiq is easy to operate, automatic, respects users' privacy and most importantly, it's a new way of free advertising!

BlueMagiq FAQ:

Q. Why would I buy bluemagiq?

  • Advertising: There are no recurring costs.
  • Everything is broadcasted in the air. No need to worry about cleaning after your advertising campaign.
  • BlueMagiq is an Upgradeable marketing solution: The solution can be upgraded with more Bluetooth points so that it can serve more users simultaneously.
  • BlueMagiq is easy to operate.
  • BlueMagiq is automatic. The solution will run by itself when it's turned on. No need for an operator or anybody to set it up.
  • BlueMagiq respects user's privacy: It will not send the same message twice to the same user.
  • Beside if a user declined to receive a message then it will never send again to them.
  • BlueMagiq supports Different types of content: business card, image, video, game/app, e-books, themes, animation.
  • BlueMagiq relies on low energy demand technology.
  • BlueMagiq uses Bluetooth which is inexpensive and available in many devices.

Q. What is Bluetooth marketing, Bluetooth advertising?

marketing or Bluetooth advertising is a kind of mobile marketing. This marketing technique benefits from the fact that many mobile handsets come with the ability to send and receive Bluetooth messages. It also relies that most users frequently switch their Bluetooth on and are thus able to receive a message from a nearby device.

Q. How does bluemagiq work?

bluemagiq is a point-to-point transmission system which uses the world-standard Bluetooth networking platform. When a user is within proximity of a bluemagiq device and makes their handset discoverable. The bluemagiq Server identifies their device via its Bluetooth ID. Our servers check to see the transaction history with this device and then based upon a set of rules the system delivers a relevant piece of content.

Q. Where has it been deployed before and was it successful/effective?

It has been deployed in many places worldwide: Europe, MENA, and South East Asia.

Q. Can the message be stored or does it disappear after a while?

Yes, it can be stored. In most cases it is stored already.

Q. Does it require pairing?


Q.How do guarantee it being virus free?

We know what we are sending from it, so we know whether there's a virus or not.

Q. Can it take short video clips/ adverts?


Q. Is it phone-restricted?


Q. The device can provide the statistics on campaigns? If yes where are those statistics saved? In your cloud platform or in the device hard disk?

there are full statistics on the campaigns. Those are saved within the device and accessible from it or on a network connection. We can store them on the cloud if you choose to.

Q. What is the warranty duration of bluemagiq?

Normally, it is 1 year duration.