1. Overview

There is continuous demand for high-quality mobile content. This demand will grow during this year and the next years as new consumers enter the young market and as more companies provide more of their services on online in a way accessible by mobile devices. Youth rely on their phones to express their personality, blog, shop, interact with friend, use email, and provide entertainment; and they expect continuous improvements on the quality of service offered. Most now would like to watch TV, movies, listen to podcast on their mobile devices. If your company provide one of the previous services, and you still haven't offered a mobile version of your content, then it's time to do this.

At ZGroup Mobile, we have created a set of tools called content2mobile which will enable any content owner (videos, music, podcasts, clips, animations, flash. . . etc) to convert the content to a format that can be viewed by mobile devices. The main issue here is to create a version of the content compatible with each set of handsets no matter how slow or small they are.

2. What does it do?

Convert (mp3, wma, aac) audio files to AMR files (Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec, *.amr), aac, midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface, *.midi) or MP3 files at lower bitrates so that it can be easily downloaded to mobile devices. The conversion can be optimized for size or quality and in both cases a limit on file size can be set.

Convert all popular video files (DivX, XviD, avi, wmv, mpg, mp3g, mp4, m4v, flv, 3gp, asf, rm, rmvb, mov, mod, asx, mkv, ogm) to 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project, *.3gp), and to other mobile formats such as 3GPP2 or MP4. We can also convert to DivX format compatible on PocketPC and smartphones. The process will output videos in different sizes, different formats and different bitrates (each clip is converted to more than 40 items to be compatible with more than 2000 handsets). The conversion can be optimized for size or quality and in both cases a limit on file size can be set.

Convert images (jpeg, gif, . . .etc) to formats compatible with wide range of handsets.

Automatic conversion of the above with well structured output and xml description files about each output item.

3. How can I use your services?

Please contact us to order any of content2mobile services listed above. We can surely help you to provide your customers with high quality content on their small devices. We can do a demo of our services, and if you have an item that you need it to see converted then please contact Mr. Ramez Bali: