The major appstores (Apple Appstore, Google market and windows market) have already plenty of mobile apps to be offered to end-users but any customization or re-branding there is not possible. We also offer new payment methods, so while most appstores rely on pay-per-download we can offer flat-subscriptions or capped-subscriptions


This service allows any content owner to add advertisement to mobile content. The solution can be applied to mobile games, mobile videos, mobile clips, mobile songs, mobile ringtones, mobile wallpapers and mobile animations. The Ad-enabling process differ according to the type of content we have in hand, but in most cases can be done in less than a week.


We can localize any mobile game/application between any two languages immediately from binaries and without the need for sourcecode. We used this solution to deliver mass localized games in Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese.


We can reskin/rebrand any of our games/applications. The process can be very fast if your changing requirements are only to change the splash of the application and some text.


We can rebrand the mobile content that we have to appear under your own brand. Most operators and big publishers would like to retain customers by offering them a full services under one brand name. So we can help brand owners to offer new services without the need to invest in creating technology and infrastructure.


with this service we can produce custom slideshows for cell phones and mobile handsets. The output of this service is a mobile application and the input can be series of images, an animation or a video clip.


It will will convert content (video, ringtones, wallpapers, animations) to suitable formats on the mobile. For video for example, the software will convert any wmv, avi or divx file to more than 34 files in different formats and different screen-sizes to fit on Smartphones, PocketPc, mobile phones, and PDA. The resulting file is optimized 30% in size when compared to other converters in the industry. Our solution is fully automatic and web-enabled (can be used through web interface and commands). It's based on Linux platform. Also an on-the-fly conversion is also available.


is a streaming solution which will stream video clips, TV broadcast, Live Streaming, or any multimedia content to a mobile phone. The solution will do an on-the-fly conversion of the incoming stream and prepare several outputs. Then when a handset is connected to the server, the server will deliver the suitable output to the handset according to its specifications (width, height, format. ..etc) and taking into account the speed of the connection!


We offer a store similar to spotify where users can listen to music, stream, like/dislike, share with friends, discover new music and download it. We can connect our store also to the operator's billing to allow for an RBT service to be integrated as well. Flat subscription can be applied here for streaming or download.