1. What is it?

mVideo is a streaming solution which will stream video clips, TV broadcast, Live Streaming, or any multimedia content to a mobile phone. It is a hardware component able to convert streaming videos to new streams that can be viewed by mobile phones. The device includes a PC with Linux operating system and set of software to do the conversion. There's also some special hardware component to link the mVideo device with your current infrastructure. These devices will differ depending on your infrastructure and how you deliver the content to the mobile handsets.

2. How is it done?

If you want to allow your clients to watch TV broadcast on the move, to follow a TV show through their handsets, or simply to watch cams installed in different places, then mVideo is what you need. The solution will do an on-the-fly conversion of the incoming stream and prepare several outputs. Then when a handset is connected to the server, the server will deliver the suitable output to the handset according to its specifications (width, height, format. ..etc) and taking into account the speed of the connection!

The solution can work on 2.5G networks with GPRS connections. To get a good quality the user should have a connection speed close to 40kbites/sec or more.

3. Interested, what shall I do?

Please email us at contact(at) We will be more than happy to help you.