Approaching users through their mobile phones proved to be efficient. Inject your Ads automatically into any of our mobile content will help you increase user’s awareness about your brand. It's easier now to advertise for a new product using ads because smartphones have one big advantage over all other tech gadgets, which is that we carry them wherever we go! There are mainly two types of applying ad-injector:
Static ads: where the ad is already embedded into the application and there’s no way to change it. This is suitable for clients who want their brand to appear always within the app regardless of whether the user has internet connection or not.
Dynamic ads: we can change ads dynamically. Each time the user plays the game, he/she will be presented with a new ad from our pool of ads.

2. Summary

mAd-injector is a set of programs which can be applied on mobile content such as games, ringtones, wallpapers, videos and produce new content that is ad-enabled. The ad-enabled content can then be distributed for free to end-users who will enjoy the benefit of free content. At the same time the advertiser will find a new way to reach customers and this will increase awareness of the brand among customers.

3. Introduction

What is mobile advertising anyway?

Mobile Advertising is a new kind of advertising through the use of mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, PocketPCs etc. These devices make it possible to get the message and/or advertisings across to your customers on the "mobile way".

How is it different from other advertising methods?

The new mobile advertising channel enables a much more effective business to customer communication. The target group is now reachable all the time and anywhere. Mobile marketing is no longer an emerging area. This is especially true in Asia and Europe where the adoption of cell phones has outpaced North America. g rapidly. With a mobile technology, which is improving at a fast pace, Mobile Advertising will soon become a major advertising channel for many businesses. Even regular TV-commercials will be shown over mobile devices. Nevertheless, Mobile Advertising can already help your business today. There are many possibilities for services which you can offer your customers such as special communication platforms, customizing content, Mobile Commerce, remote access to databases or speech enhanced services. With tools like these, the customer not only receives your advertising message, but also a bonus service which he is likely to appreciate. These other services increase the power of your ads tenfold, because a strong kind of customer bonding is likely to happen and they are likely to be using your services again.

Is the market ready for Mobile Advertising?

steadily improving mobile communication technology is already sophisticated enough to make the dream of mobile entertainment a reality. Mobile advertising and Mobile Entertainment can be used together to create extremely effective customer-bonding systems. Through the combined use with other advertising channels your business can create customer-relationships that last a lifetime!

4. How can mAd-Injector be used?

Mobile games:

mAd-Injector can insert an image or a text at the beginning or the end of the game. The text/image can include info about the advertiser or the product. The solution is automatic and can work automatically on MIDP1/MIDP2. Then the advertiser can distribute the games freely to end-users. Upon starting the game/application the user will see the ad or will answer a question in order to proceed.

Mobile video:

We can also embed advertisement into mobile video clips. The idea is easy, we can add 3-10 seconds advertising information anywhere in the video clip. . . a short clip including the brand or a message like "Brought to you by BRAND" will be sufficient in most cases. mAd-Injector can add the information automatically after resizing to fit the target screen and encoding.

Mobile ringtones:

As with mobile videos, A short advertising note can be added anywhere within the ringtones or the music clip. mAd-Injector can add the information automatically within the music clip.

5. How can I use your mAd-injector?

Please contact Ramez Bali at He will be ready to answer any of your messages. We will be able also to send you on demos on demand.